A Starry Night – Acrylic on canvas – 2017 – 60×180

A starry night, thousands of fireflies shining on an enchanted lake, some reeds blowing in the wind, timid dancing. 

Moving down you are hit by the bright light almost tempting, feminine , making the blue brighter and inviting you to enter into magical world, along with Alice, that takes you to the threshold. In the belly of the framework, as if to giving birth, cradling this space where time has stopped between the real and surreal.

Lively colors, which tend to grasp the mind of the beholder.

The siren’s song heard from a distance whispering sweet melodies inviting you to enter into the same dimension.

arte astratta- i colori della sicilia-
10 Agosto – acrylic on canvas – 2017 – 80×80

painting acrylic canvas color  art
Aida – 2017 – acrylic on canvas – 150×100
abstract art pittura arte astratta foresta
Earth – 2017 – acrylic on canvas – 50×60
acrylic on canvas color art abstract
Sound of soul – 2017 – Acrylic on canvas – 60×120

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